About Teach Together

Teach Together is an online resource for Senior High School teachers. Think of this as your

  • Reference
    The main content of our website are the teaching guides, lessons created by higher education faculty that merge both content and pedagogy. Use these as a basic reference for your teaching.
  • Notebook
    Document your edits and suggestions to the teaching guides by remixing and adding teacher tips, making our content dynamic and adaptive to changes.
  • Library
    Browse through our curated collections of videos, articles, slide decks, and other online content. We made sure all of our links are high-quality, free, and accessible to teachers.
  • Mentor
    Listen and watch how master teachers from universities have taught the subjects you are also teaching.
  • Community
    Learn from fellow teachers as you engage in discussions and ask questions about subject matter, teaching style, strategies, resources, and many more